STAPP acquires Comtri’s products for shooting ranges

“Extremely happy to supply their products under our company”

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The Swedish company STAPP has installed it’s environmentally friendly bullet traps onto virtually all of the Swedish Armed Forces’ outdoor shooting ranges. The company is now acquiring Comtri’s products for shooting ranges – and is now getting onto markets that utilize indoor shooting ranges, including the Swedish Police.

“The activity at the shooting ranges is increasing,” explains Anders Willix, CEO of STAPP.

STAPP develops and sells complete solutions for sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly shooting ranges for both indoor and outdoor use.

The company based in Eskilstuna is now increasing its portfolio by acquiring Comtri’s shooting range products – which, with its proven steel bullet trap, has been supplied to the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Police and to civilian customers around the country for over 30 years. With the current steel bullet trap, Comtri was the first to come out with negative pressure ventilation and was granted a patent in the mid-1990s.

“We are extremely happy to supply their products under our company. The acquisition gives us a fully complete product portfolio that allows us to participate in all future inquiries and function as a comprehensive supplier to shooting ranges. Through the acquisition, our product portfolio today consists not only of bullet traps, but also of turning targets, moving targets, ballistic protection, mobile bullet traps and shooting stalls,” says Anders Willix.

After the acquisition, STAPP is now able to offer both granular and steel bullet traps with a combined history and experience that no other company in the Scandinavian market is close to equaling.

“The Swedish market is in great need of a reliable, comprehensive supplier with extensive experience in delivering products and services to shooting ranges. We see this as a great opportunity to grow, but at the same time to be able to offer our customers more options for their shooting ranges,” says Anders Willix.

With the acquisition, STAPP will intensify its efforts in the policing market, where a number of installations are already underway.

“More police are hired, and they are practicing more, which increases the pressure on the shooting ranges. We see an incredibly good future potential with the acquisition of Comtri’s products,” says Anders Willix.

Torsten Werner, founder of Comtri and who will continue to be a senior advisor after the acquisition, is hopeful for the future.

“I want our products to live on, and for them do so within a knowledgeable company that really knows the industry. Together with STAPP, there is all the potential for growth,” he comments. Comtri will continue its other business activities as before.

For further information and interview requests:
Anders Willix, CEO of STAPP:, 070-8483921