STAPP PURe® – Bullet traps

STAPP PURe® consist of a self-healing front that mixes Polyurethane with HDPE for extreme shooting durability. This front is placed in front of the bullet capture material which consists of recycled rubber granulate in gradation adapted for all standard ammunition used by Military, Law Enforcement and civilian.

This is supported by a robust steel construction and the complete bullet trap is only 30-45 inches in depth depending on the intended calibres and can be mounted completely freestanding or fixed to the ceiling and / or back wall.

The environmentally friendly bullet trap is made of soft capture material, which means that projectiles will not fragment and the possible threat of environmentally and health-hazardous lead dust is minimized. After 30 000 projectiles per firing point, the rubber granulate needs to be cleaned and can then be reused and the projectiles can easily be recycled.

The lack of lead dust means that specialized ventilation of the bullet trap is not needed.

The load on the air filter and other ventilation is also minimized and the environment in the room is considerably improved. The soft material also minimizes vibration and sound.



STAPP PURe® has the most durable material on the market and does not fragment projectiles. The product is developed as a environmentally friendly solution for high activity shooting ranges.

The front material can withstand more than 30 000 rounds on a very small area per hot spot before replacing is needed. Cleaning of the stopping material is usually performed when the front material is replaced.

The bullet trap is divided in sections which allows maintenance on separate sections.

The bullet trap has no restriction of the shooting surface and every part is 100% ricochet-free.


  • 100% ricochet-free
  • Extreme durability
  • Modern design
  • Environmentally friendly for users
  • Silent
  • Very little space requirement
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Long lifetime
  • Flexible installation (90, 180- and 360-degree shooting possibility)
  • Fast installation
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • No fire risk due to the enclosed system