STAPP acquires Comtri’s products for shooting ranges “Extremely happy to supply their products under our company” Download as PDF. The Swedish company STAPP has installed it’s environmentally friendly bullet traps onto virtually all of the Swedish Armed Forces’ outdoor shooting ranges. The company is now acquiring Comtri’s products for shooting ranges – and is now…


Shot Show 2020

First of all we would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at the Shot Show a few weeks ago. This was our first time as exhibitor and the result is far better than we ever could expect. We could not ask for a better reply from all of our visitors. A very…


Visit us at SHOT Show this January

Please join us at the one event that brings the industry’s most innovative technology, products, manufacturers, education and regulatory leadership together to create one comprehensive and fully loaded experience — the SHOT Show®. The 2020 SHOT Show has loads in store to keep your business going strong: Source Products from Around the Globe — With…


Pamica acquires the majority of the bullet catcher company STAPP

Pamica 2 AB has acquired a majority stake in the bullet catcher company STAPP AB. STAPP produces and sells environmental and safe bullet catcher to shooting ranges, used by shooting clubs, police and military in mainly Sweden and the United States. In Sweden, the company is the dominant supplier to the Swedish Armed Forces. In…


Scandinavia’s most modern Shooting range

Construction of Arvidsjaur G2 is now completed and the result was beyond expectations. Shooting range which has been called “the most modern shooting range” has got many new features. Links for more information and pictures:


New shooting range at P7 Revingehed, Sweden

The inauguration of the new combat shooting range at P7 Revingehed was very exciting. We got to attend one of the exercises that will be performed on the shooting range. This shooting range is so far the only one we have built with its design that is made for shooting in 180 degrees.



STAPP AB was founded by Mr. Gerth Moberg in 2000 in Sweden as a small, environmentally progressive company focused on improving the environmental footprint at shooting ranges used by the Swedish military and local police forces. In response to this need Mr. Moberg developed the Environmental Bullet Catcher (EBC) and received a patent for this one-of-a-kind technology.