STAPP AB was founded by Mr. Gerth Moberg in 2000 in Sweden as a small, environmentally progressive company focused on improving the environmental footprint at shooting ranges used by the Swedish military and local police forces. In response to this need Mr. Moberg developed the Environmental Bullet Catcher (EBC) and received a patent for this one-of-a-kind technology.

To date, STAPP AB has installed 130 EBCs for use by the Swedish Armed Forces. STAPP AB has also installed the EBC at over 50 installations in Denmark. It is now actively engaged in sharing the successful EBC technology in Scandinavia and the United States. Plans are being developed to market the EBC world-wide.

The Environmental Bullet Catcher was designed to eliminate lead contamination at shooting ranges which has always been a major problem at ranges worldwide, whether they be military or civilian shooting ranges. Mr. Moberg spent many years testing and developing an innovative solution to prevent the environmental damage caused by the lead and invented the EBC. His efforts were rewarded by receiving a patent for the EBC and were followed by sales to the Sweden and Denmark armed forces. There is no bullet trap handling pollution as good as STAPP AB’s product anywhere in the world.

In 2009, Mr. Moberg’s nephew, Marcus Moberg, became the new CEO of STAPP AB. He quickly recognized that there were still major markets which would greatly benefit from the STAPP EBC. This is especially highlighted by the increasing awareness of governments and people everywhere that they must act to protect the environment from the ravages of pollution. As more and more people begin to understand the criticality of protecting the environment and humans, the EBC becomes increasingly more attractive.

Intact bullets
The EBC consisting of an elastic top cover of rubber and a projectile stopping material of rubber granules makes the bullets intact inside the EBC.

Recycled materials
All materials consist of 100% recyclable material. This means that in the event of removal or relocation of the EBC, this will be done without risk to the environment is adversely affected.

STAPP EBC is patented in large parts of Europe and the United States. US Patent no: 6715761, 7185892, Patent pending on 2015-0123347

Winter friendly
One of the great advantages with the STAPP EBC is that it can be used all year round without the risk of ricochets.

100% toxic free
STAPP EBC is the only backstop in the world that takes care of all ammunition without letting the environment will be affected. All toxic chemicals end up safely inside the EBC and emptied under safe conditions when needed. Nothing comes out of nature.

Customized size
STAPP EBC can be built of unlimited size. All for you to get the size needed for your exercises.

Low lifecycle cost
With a STAPP EBC you avoid expensive costs that come with string environmental requirements. Rubber membranes are typically 3-4 years before repair is needed for normal activity. From a 10-year perspective, the EBC has a huge advantage financially. One must not forget that the environment is protected.

No fire risk
Fire needs oxygen, which the bullet catcher do not have. The EBC is completely shut because of the elastic rubber top cover.