STAPP EBC is the only bullet catcher of its kind with the ability to comply with strict environmental standards. The EBC capture system is equipped with a self-sealing membrane that closes after the ammunition passes through it, minimizing the potential for water to enter the system. In the event water does enter the system, a collection tube retains any seepage of water under the top membrane and is extracted and handled appropriately. It is an environmentally friendly, economical, and safe alternative to the conventional gravel or dirt berm backstops used at live fire ranges used by military and civilian shooters. Pollution from lead-based bullets and projectiles is collected in a safety fitting in completely secure conditions. This eliminates the risk of lead fragments leaching into the ground water table which always cause long-term and severe environmental damage and is expensive to remediate.

Additionally, the STAPP EBC eliminates ricochet rounds even at extremely cold temperatures.

The STAPP Environmental Bullet Catcher is the patented brand and main product of STAPP Investment AB, a holding company that was formed in 2009 as a parent company with the sole goal of developing, manufacturing and installing customized versions of the STAPP EBC. The STAPP EBC is a patented system – comprised of other patented technologies – developed by the company’s founder to safely catch and contain bullets and the resulting contaminants on live fire ranges.

Without the STAPP EBC, live fire ranges become a toxic hazard to people using and working on live fire ranges due to lead particulate matter in the air and surrounding ground surfaces. Moreover, spent bullets fragment and decompose in the soil berms around firing ranges, leaching lead and other toxins into the environment and water supply.

In 2000, the first STAPP EBC was installed, meeting the stringent criteria for safety, environmental compliance and durability of the Swedish Armed Forces. By the end of 2014, more than 180 STAPP EBCs will have been installed internationally.

Today, the unique STAPP EBC is the only bullet catcher to receive approval and accolades from the United States Environmental Protection Agency as the only way to contain toxins resulting from life fire shooting ranges. Primarily intended for outdoor use, it may also be used indoors. The STAPP EBC can be used year-round.